About Us

Our Family:
We are a family of four: Dad- Que, Mom-Shiv, son (2)- Kae,  lab(6m) Isis.

Once upon a time, we lived a very traditional life... a house(4bd, 2.5 ba), jobs(computer engineer and education coordinator), a car and lots of stress. Then our lives were turned upside down, we lost our jobs, moved into an apartment, down sized and found new jobs. ...stress and pressure. Our lives were changed and different, except...pressure and stress about keeping a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs and clothes on our backs.

We wanted desperately to be home owners but didn't want to take on debt to accomplish this task. Debt would only increase the stress we had, pressure we felt and would ultimately depend on our job stability, something that had already proven to be out of our hands and wildly unpredictable. To obtain our goal of home ownership, to fill our need and desire to secure shelter with the added assurance of ownership we had to get creative.

It had been a dream on the back-burner, to travel in a RV, one that had been put off until we had saved enough money, had enough time and so on. Yet, we had never thought of abandoning the typical "American Dream" for full-timing in a RV. Staying open to unconventional solutions, we researched the option of living in a RV instead of a "sticks and bricks" house. We were pleasantly surprised by all the families we found that were living the lifestyle. Contrary to our initial impressions, this lifestyle is popular among people with children and not as difficult as it had been in our minds. The best parts: it is ridiculously affordable and with a home on wheels you can follow the work!

With our new perspective, we set out on a journey to obtain a full-time RV lifestyle, where our goal of home ownership will be realized, our dream of travel and adventure will be lived and the stresses of "keeping up with the Joneses" would be left behind on the curb as we took to the open road ahead.

This site will document our process. Stay posted for the story of our life as The Golden Gypsies as it unfolds...

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